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Welcome to Expats Cape Verde

The Expats Cape Verde website provides useful information for visitors, tourists, investors, tour operators and travel agencies looking for news on Cape Verde. Holidays on Sal and Boavista are increasing and more flights are expected.


FCO Website - ZIKA Virus - Jan 201628-Jan-2016
Please note the FCO link for ZIKA Fever in Cape Verde.

A view of Sal Island from the air

Click on this Youtube link: Santa Maria - Sal Island

News about the Cape Verde islands

The Expats Cape Verde website has been set up to provide an additional service to Expats living and working in Cape Verde and also for tourists and investors. It is aimed at English speaking people who wish to use this service to communicate, advertise or find out information on Cape Verde.

‘Expats’ includes people from other countries other than the UK.

Within this website you will find blogs, a forum and Yellow Pages with businesses and services in Cape Verde.

Expat Newsletter

The free Expats Cape Verde Newsletter started circulation in December 2008. From June 09 it was made available on-line within the Expats Cape Verde website. The online newsletter ceased from March 2012 and is now only circulated to subscribers.  The newsletter has provided an opportunity for people to sell, buy or promote a one off event. It also includes local and national news. It started off as a fortnightly newsletter, then became a weekly newsletter.

What has been circulated in the newsletter in 2014:

- Binter Canarias, start direct flights to Sal from the Canaries in mid June 2014.

- Thomas Cook UK start package holidays to Sal Island, November 2014

- Info about the Hilton Hotel Sal, work commenced on the grounds Feb 2014.

- February 2014, Thomas Cook announces holidays to Sal, with the link to original article.

- Announcement about Annual Tax calculation for April 2014 and when it should be paid.

To receive the Expat Cape Verde newsletters by email, please click on the link below.


Recent announcement will be posted here. Previous announcements will be listed within the Announcements page.


Flights from Amsterdam to Sal from October 201223-Aug-2012
Transavia are operating flights from Amsterdam (Schiphol) to Sal Island, Cape Verde from October 201..

British Ambassador's follow up to recent visit to Sal and Boavista in July 201220-Jul-2012
The British Ambassador to Cape Verde sends a follow-up message to British Nationals about his vi..

Honorary Consul for Sal and Boavista announced04-Jul-2012
Honorary Consul - Sal and Boavista The British Embassy Dakar, Senegal is responsible for con..


Hilton Hotel - Sal Island11-Jun-2012
Great news for Sal Island - 17th May 2012 - HILTON HOTEL comes to Sal island, Cape Verde Hil..



The Classifieds section was launched in June 2012. Please read the terms and conditions and guidance notes for use.


If you have information that may be relevant, we do accept news in English from various parties. Photos and images are also accepted, but should be jpeg.

Cape Verde Islands

The Cape Verde Islands have become more popular with British, Irish, European tourists and travelers who are able to take advantage of some cheap direct flights to Cape Verde for holidays through Travel Agencies. Obviously some flights will be more expensive during the holiday periods, but there are still some bargains to be found, especially at the last minute. here are a range of hotels and accommodation types from which you can choose. There are International flights to Sal Island, Boavista, Santiago and Sao Vicente. The islands of Santo Antao, Boavista, Maio, Fogo, Brava, Sao Nicolau will have fewer hotels to choose from. Sal and Boavista have some All Inclusive Hotels.

You may prefer to rent accommodation. There is more rental accommodation on the island of Sal, as there has been more investment in property on the island than others within Cape Verde. The climate here is good with plenty of warm to hot sunny days and is ideal for some winter sun. Sal has lovely beaches and an international airport which makes an ideal place to visit to chill out. Water sports activities including scuba diving are available throughout the year, although windsurfing and kite surfing are mainly winter time activities due to the wind and bigger ocean waves. Boavista is also popular and new flights are bringing in more tourists to the island. The summer period may be too hot and humid for some visitors to Cape Verde although the school holidays in the summer are popular with Italians and Portuguese. There are also flights to Scandinavian countries, Belgium, France and Germany and other countries. Check out Skyscanner. Below, some Chinese Expats living and working on Sal are checking out the drone used for making aerial videos on Sal.TT

Photo Gallery

We have photo galleries within the Expats Cape Verde website and Cape Verde Tips. Albums will include activities, events, water sports, whales, some movies, various islands, travel and much more.

Investments and Developments on Cape Verde

Investors visiting the island are still arriving looking for property and again there are some bargains to be found. Developers are either progressing with developments or for one reason or another there is a delay with the build. The numbers of Bars and Restaurants on Sal have been increasing as more investment is brought into Cape Verde.

Cape Verde Tips

For more information about Sal or other Cape Verde islands, its history, and how the islands are developing, please visit the Cape Verde Tips website, here you will find plenty of general information about banks, legal matters, Portuguese law, investing, flights, flying to Cape Verde, inter island travel and other relevant travel advice. There is also information on visits made by the British Ambassador to Cape Verde.

A new set of pages has been uploaded to Cape Verde Tips as a quick guide to Sal and will provide advertising opportunities, the links can be found below.

Thinking of having travelling to the Cape Verde Islands?
If you are looking for information on Sal Island hotels, activities, properties or other information about the islands then visit Cape Verde Tips

We also have information on visa's and some of the different types of visa's people need when visiting or living in Cape Verde.

British Ambassador

A British Nationals information booklet has been produced and updated by the British Embassy to Cape Verde, please click here to open the booklet (July 2012) :

British Embassy information booklet for British Nationals - July 2012 British Embassy information booklet for British Nationals - July 2012 (619 KB)

There is no British Embassy in Cape Verde. The British Ambassador to Cape Verde is based in Dakar, Senegal. There is a British Honorary Consul based on the island of Sal who covers Sal and Boavista.


We have updated our advertising information for this website June 2014.

If you are buying a property on Sal and are finding it difficult to find someone reliable that will carry out a snagging inspection then why not look at the snagging service.

If you have bought a property and are looking for a free quote for home and contents insurance take a look at Intasure.

If you have bought your property on Sal or Boavista and are looking for furniture, accessories or furniture packs then look at furniture suppliers in Cape Verde.

Advertisement spaces are available on web pages throughout the Expats Cape Verde website. Some will be visible on the right of the web pages. For costs, please contact us for more details.

Even Expats living in Cape Verde need a holiday sometimes!!
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