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Tourist Visa update - 18th May 2017 - ENG


Check out the article concerning the tourist visa for Cape Verde which has been translated from Portuguese using Google.

Tourist Entry Visa update – as reported in ‘ Expresso das Ilhas’ – 18th May 2017

The Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers announced today that the Government will present to Parliament a draft law amending the legislation on the entry, stay and exit of foreigners, expulsion, with a view to the establishment of the visa exemption for citizens of the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Although on many occasions have been used the example of countries that have visa exemption for a period of 90 days, Cape Verde will exempt tourists seeking the country for periods of 30 days.

"Those looking for Cape Verde for more than 30 days is not a tourist," explained Elísio Freire at the press conference held after the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The diploma, explained the Minister, going to Parliament in stages. "First we have this framework law" regulating the entry, residence, exit and expulsion of foreigners to be changed an article "so we can have visa exemption". "Going on this amendment to the law the Government will be able to, through a resolution, grant exemption to all residents of the European Union and the United Kingdom" and change, in a third phase, the legislation that regulates the rate of airport security, without specifying.

The Government's intention, announced Elísio Freire, is completing the legislative changes "in this first semester" advancing later to the implementation of the law. "Of course there will have to be adaptation of tour operators who already have commitments with a number of tourists, we will have to make the adjustment at the level of airport security, the strengthening of border mechanisms and the Government believes that the 1 January and law will be able to enter into force".

The issue of a visa waiver for the citizens of the European Union has been the subject of much controversy since it was announced by the Prime Minister.

One of his main opponents have been José Maria Neves. For the former Prime Minister's "a great deal of confusion on the exemption of visas for citizens of the European Union". All because, as you say on your Facebook page, "I don't know, yet, the Prime Minister refuses to explain your position, whether all or only the members countries of the Schengen area, and, even in this case, there are countries that are not EU-, and of England, who is leaving".

Who had a change of heart as regards the exemption of visas was the President of the Chamber of Tourism in Cape Verde. On Facebook, Gualberto do Rosário assumes that initially supported the initiative but that now cannot continue to support this measure.

The decision is based on the declarations of José Manuel Pinto Teixeira, Ambassador of the European Union in Cape Verde, which, in an interview with Lusa Agency, stated that "we should not raise expectations of exemption of visas for the European Union".

"I defended the abolition of visas because they sold me a fish: the reciprocity", the President of the Chamber of tourism. "Three steps: first, the unilateral abolition by Cape Verde; the second, a programme of technical and financial assistance, guaranteed by the European Union, to the securitization our borders; the third, the abolition of visas for the Europe of Schengen area, the Cape Verdean citizens. And I sold this fish to a lot of people. All apologies ", reinforces.

Elysium Freire strange the reviews that have been made to this measure announced by the Prime Minister and exemplifies:  "cruise tourists who arrive in Cape Verde are exempt. Don't pay seen".

LINK :  No media download found.

Thursday, 18 May 2017   - 17:39

Espresso das Ilhas


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