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CV Fishing Holidays

At Cape Verde Fishing Holidays we provide a number of opportunities for shore fishing enthusiast on Sal Island, Cape Verde: Spinning, Surf Casting, Rock Fishing and Shark Tournament. Catch: jack, amberjack and dolphin fish, beam, bonefish, grouper, jack, corbina etc..



Catch: jack, amberjack and dolphinfish .

Time: 4 h. duration: from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m .

Equipment: Rod: Shimano Nexave and Shimano Lesath Kaibutsu;

Reel: Shimano Twin Power 10000 and Shimano Stella 1000

Lures: Williamson, Yo-zuri, Surfacer popper, Roberts lures etc.


Catch: sharks, beam, bonefish, grouper, jack, corbina etc..

Time: 4 h. duration: from 5.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m .

Equipment: Rod: Shimano Best Master and Shimano Vengeance

Reel: Shimano Ultegra XSB 14000 and Spheros 18000 FB

Tecnique: long cast with live or dead bait.


Catch: big sharks, jack, amberjack, groupers etc.

Time: 4 h. duration: from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. or from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m .

Equipment: Rod: shimano Beast master 130 m, Reel: Shimano Torium 50 lb

Tecnique: teleferic, with live or dead bait.


Catch: Sharks

Time: 2.30 h. duration: from 7.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m .

Equipment: Rod: Shimano Vengeance

Reel: Shimano Ultegra XSB 14000

Tecnique: long cast with live or dead bait.







09.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. or 3.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Please quote: CVTips-011 (for marketing purposes).

Contact: cell. 9866220

Office: Santa Maria, Sal Island, Cape Verde.

Office opening times: to

Fishing with artificial, better known as the Spinning is one of the most popular fishing techniques, the name comes from the English "to spin", rotate, due precisely to the rotational movement of the bait used. With this method of fishing, you tend to catch predatory fish, attracted by the movement of the bait and its color. Among all fishing techniques is certainly the most dynamic of the need for continued launches in search of prey.

Coats are not rare, especially considering that our goal is to be particularly clever as Jackfish fish, bonito, wahoo and dorado. Fishing with rods up to 9'0"ft long monofilament braided from 60 lb or 80 because you can also catch prey over 40 lb, were used Minnow lures, poppers, skipping lures and walkin 'the dog as well as prototypes made home, 3 or 4 oz. The best time for the Spinning is the first light of day.

Rock Fishing is a technique mainly daytime, because the safety factor is not recommended to stay beyond the sunset. You participate from a location above the sea, on rocky bottom than 40 m, as the balloon technique is used to undermine the big predators such as sharks, dorado and GT or the "cable car" to fish thoroughly and undermine sharks, moray eels large and grouper.

The goal of Rock Fishing is the capture of large prey and do not mess around here, sharks are large and kept in the chamber were engaged for a long time to bring them under our seat and then cut the line as unable to set sail for the usual photos. I using 3'96"ft rods reel 50 lb monofilament nylon is used aspect ratio of 0.60 to content, with steel terminal, it triggers with live bait or fish fillet.

The Surfcasting is a fishery that is born in the Atlantic Ocean, beach rod is made from the fund attract fish head "rooting" which in turn attract predators large and small. The practice there to launch the terminal at a considerable distance from the shore.
Surfcasting uses the discipline of underwater turbulence near the coast of upheaval Surf casting by good results at all hours, except for the middle of the day, with different prey according to the timetable and Calamento. In the morning and late afternoon meeting, croakers, mullet, as well as Barbi Bedje Biche and the evenings with the sunset Calamento becomes heavier and can undermine the various types of Sharks, Moray and often Xareu and Races.

As a variant to organize the Surf Casting late afternoon beach front hotels in a semblance of "race": shark fishing, we proceed to capture all the measurements and photos of the ceremony after which the victim is set free, to those who end of the evening will total length greater than the catch, apply only sharks, will be awarded in memory of a diploma and a shark tooth necklace. For this type of fun fishing experience is required and with the assistance of our staff also participate, children and ladies.





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