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120. Dream Big - Surfing dreamers of Sal Island - Nov 2017

119. July 2017 Expats Cape Verde Newsletter.

Americos Restaurant is part demolished, rebuild with extra level hopefully completed end 2017Brazillian bar is a popular place to relax, watch activities and people watchbuilding next to d'Angelas knocked downbuilding next to d'Angelas knocked downcloudy today - July 15th, but nice to go for swim in the morning, still hot!The Cretcheu Restaurant has had the internal layout changed, new menu options too
The Cretcheu Restaurant has had the internal layout changed, new menu options tooThe Cretcheu Restaurant has had the internal layout changed, new menu options tooDunas Do Sal Hotel has had an extra floor level builtDunas Do Sal Hotel has had an extra floor level builtThe Halos development is looking better each time (Hotel Boulevard)Hotel Da Luz is also having some major work on internal walls and roof

118. Some restaurants to try in Santa Maria, April 2017

Sol Doce Creparia situated on the pierGeorge's restaurant situated opposite BCA bankPapaya Restaurant in Porto Antigo 1 - closing end of April for some remedial workRestaurant opened by Milu and Walter from the Funana - near PlazaSushi restaurant - situated near Tam Tam

117. Bikini Beach - 1st Feb 2017


116. 30th November 2016 and a visit to see how Llana and Bikini Beach is getting on:

115. Sale items from Aquamarina Suites, Santa Maria 9th Dec.2016.

114. A morning visit to Viveiro Garden Centre and Petting Zoo, Santa Maria, Sal. June 2016. Photos by A.Johnson.

113. Out and about in Santa Maria 1st - 4th June 2016. It's a beach day for a horse, some older houses are knocked down (another one bites the dust). It's Childrens Day on 1st June with a procession starting at 6a.m. with drums followed by more celebrations. In the evening the children visit the square and have fun in the fountains and also get to sit and watch a film. Jaz, Chris and Rubie deliver some gifts for the children at Nos Kaza. Carolina takes over the ownership of Cape Fruit. Work continues on the new square named ' Manoel A. Martins' outside the Post office. It's great to see (in front of Porto Antigo 3) that Sabores - Livros restaurant is open early, Bebe Beach  getting ready to open to hire out quads and scooters, and the early morning yoga session seems to be quite popular.

After a nice walk on beach and in Ocean.Two buildings demolished in Santa Maria (opposite Duni's)Cape Fruit remains open in June with new owner, CarolinaPlaying in the fountain on Childrens Day - 1st June
Childrens' Day film in squareChris, Jaz and Rubie give gifts to Aldir6a.m. rise and shine, its Childrens DaySabores Livros restaurant

112. Funana Restaurant - Sunday Buffet, Live Music and singing from 1p.m.

111. Anniversary event for Revolusal - 15th May 2016

110. Feb 2016 - pre opening of Fashion Beach

109. Photos of how Fashion Beach is progressing on the far side of Praia Antonio Sousa beach on Sal (13th Jan 2016).

108. Some of the stands and people at Expotur 2015

107. Mitu Monteiro arrives back on Sal to a hero's welcome following his 10 island Kite Surf challenge

106. Football boots donated by members of Wynyard Academy UK


105. Sunny Days in March 2015

Morning birdsEast coast 1East coast 2FlowersGlass Bottom BoatWork on The Hilton Sal continuesMurdeiraPraia Antonio SousaWork continues on the 'New Horizons Pontasino' Beach Resort Hotel (Sal)

104. Viveiro Nursery, Santa Maria

103. Viveiro Gardens and green grass


102. A morning at the Viveiro's Petting Farm

101.  A fabulous day for 100 children who participated in the Childrens Day at Ponta Preta on 28th Feb 2015. Photos: L.Aspden



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