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Photo Albums No.'s 21- 40

40, Baby Foal 14th March 2012

Foal having a feedNewly arrived foalBrown coat with white star on head

39. Carnival photos- Santa Maria, Feb 2012

38. Vet Clinic - Santa Maria - January 2012

Dog boxes are made by local carpenterBig dog found in bad wayBig dog that was foound - look at his ribsDog owner with little pup named PopcornDada nursing a dog after its operation
Dog at front belongs to MarieStarving little pups brought in from up near Paradise BeachVets assistantclinic held in apt in Santa MariaThe Vet operating on one dog after another

37. December 2011

Goat - Boxing DayBoxing DayBoxing DayBoxing DayBoxing DayBoxing Day - Football matches
Boxing DayMans Best Friend - Santa Maria - plazaXmas day - Praia Antonio Sousa beachXmas EveXmas EveXmas Eve

36. Ponta Preta, Sunday October 29th 2011 - Vicky and Phil windsurfing - Photos by L.Aspden

35. Boavista - October 2011

Boat repairReligious Blessing on the beachTourists off to sail boat for island coastline tourOne of a number of camels to take tourists on camel rides outside the Riu KaramboaRiu Karamboa in distance with heavy rain clouds on far rightWho needs a playground
Testing out a new type of vehicle for hire in Sal ReiSunday morning tourists in Church, joining in with the singingWater taxi bringing in tourists from the Riu Karamboa into Sal Rei

34. Mike arriving back at Praia Antonio Sousa


33. Burracona....25th Sept 2011

32. Festival on the beach, Santa Maria, September 2011

FridayFridayFridayFridaySaturdayVendors inside

31. NEW Municipal Market in Santa Maria:

30. Pre Festival Week in Santa Maria 2011 - Sunday 11th Sept - Jorge Figueiredo showing local people the urbanisation of Tanquinho Zona. Sept.12th, preparing for this weeks festival on the beach.


29. Out and About Sal  - August and Sept 2011

28. Naturalia-Whale Watching off the island of Boavista- March 2011. Photose by G.Cascella:

27. Maio Carnival - March 2011................Photos by Phillip  ............thank you.

This photo gallery has no pictures.

26. Santa Maria Carnival - 9th March 2011

This photo gallery has no pictures.

25. Cruise Ship - Sal, Cape Verde - 7th March 2011

24. Young childrens carnival - Santa Maria, 4th March 2011

This photo gallery has no pictures.

23. Sal Island Shore Break competition - Feb 12th, Sal Island.

MORE PHOTOS :   Picasa Album

22. January 2011 - German Vets arrive and treat over 500 dogs and cats in 10 days, in Santa Maria and up at Palmeira.

21. Photos taken by Linda Aspden from the plane as it was flying over Sal Island on its approach to landing. Nov.2010


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