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60. Quarter Final result in AFCON Ghana win but evryone celebrates:

59. Cape Verde Crazy - After clawing back two goals and winning 2-1 against Angola, it's time to celebrate in Santa Maria!

58. Milu and performers at Funana D'Vila

57. Aerial Photos - Tortuga - M.Price


56. Cafe Coloniale and Deli, Santa Maria

This photo gallery has no pictures.

55. La Villa Restaurant and Cafe, Santa Maria

Outside Area during dayEntrance off beachCentral seating areaInner dining areaOutside tables set up for evening mealsLooking down onto outside garden area

54. Out and about S.Maria,Sal 24th October 2012

D'Angela'sDesert type landscapeWalk to GrijinhaPorto Antigo 2Porto Antigo 2Sea View

53. Photos by L.Aspden - Sal - 17th Oct 2012

Bird of preyBaby turtles heading for oceanBaby turtleman and donkeysome patches of green grass on Sal, not quite fields as yet

52. Senhora das Dores -  Santa Maria 15.9.12

YouTube Video Link:  Senhora das Dores

51. Out and About - S.Maria - 12th Sept.2012

New T-Mais Transmitter on top of Hotel Da Luz - S.MariaTiny chicks in alley way - S.MariaA rainy day - Hotel Boulevard - S.Mariaflags and banners set up in streets - S.MariaAunt Rosa's sewing service - S.MariaTent set up for festival - Grijinha - S.Maria

50. Some photos around the festival weekend end Aug-beginning September 2012

Looking for Nani? - sorry, he's not here today!
Staff from SOS Tartarugas work with young children, educating them about turtlesSOS Tartarugas

49. Some random pics - by L.Aspden - Sal Island - Aug 2012

You can lead a horse to waterThunder and lightning on same day as pilot whales beached

48. The Hungry Frog - Cafe - Restaurant

47. Pilot whales beached themselves near Hotel Crioulo, Sal Island 24th Aug 2012

On arrival they find young whales as well as adultsWe all try to stop them re-beaching, we splash to make them swim awayNo time to be scared, just get in and stop them from returningEveryone watches and makes sure they swim awaySOS Tartaurugas, a job well done!  Everyone else too!

46. Shack Community at back of Santa Maria near the Salinas 27th July 2012

45. International Childrens Day - Santa Maria - 1.6.2012

44. Be careful when walking around the streets during the day and more so during the evening, take a torch out with you, there could be a power cut.


43. Photos of the week - Sal - 11th April 2012


colourful lady - L.Aspdendark sky after thunder and lightning storm on Mondayman and donkey - L.Aspdengirl by gate - L.Aspdenlady in door - L.Aspdenshivering and sheltering from the storm - male house cat looking for a new home - very friendly - contact Cheryl or Nicky
in front of riuthumbs up - L.Aspden

42, Photos of the week - Sal - April 4th 2012

2friendsAfrican shop - AlphaBlue Eye - Burracona - L.AspdenBlue Sky - L.AspdenBoat watch - L.AspdenLocal fishermen catch hammerhead shark
HammerheadLemon shark is caught the same time as the hammerheadThe sharks attract a lot of attention on the pierSanta Maria celebrates with music

41. Photos of the week -  Sal - 28th March 2012


Local transport for one donkey ownerTourist trying out horseriding - his safety helmet was too small!How many men are needed to dig a hole and how many to watchNice big doggy - St.BernardTaken other side of Murdeira - L.AspdenTaken at Ponta Preta - L.Aspden


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