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Tales from Boa Vista - Cape Verde

Tales from people living or working on the island of Boavista.

Diving with a humpback whale

Cheryl Thomas - Saturday, April 20, 2013

A blog by Gennaro Cascella:  More

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, Cape Verde Expedition 2011 - by Conor Ryan

Cheryl Thomas - Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Naturalia - ECOTOURISM ON BOA VISTA - By G.Cascella

Cheryl Thomas - Tuesday, April 05, 2011


  • Naturalia is a local ecotourism agency that began to work on Boa Vista island inJanuary 2009.
  • Naturalia organizes several wildlife tours “to discover, know and enjoy the bio-diversity of Cape Verde”.
  • We promote eco-tourist activities, based on the rational and sustainable use of thenatural resources of the island.
  • Make local people aware about the economical value of the natural resources and the importance of a long-term conservation, facilitating their involvement and participationin the project activities and benefits.
  • Articulate tourism and environment to support conservation and protection activities of threatened species and habitats.Contribute to a better knowledge of Boa Vista habitats and species by collecting data of scientific interest.

O Mundo Foundation (non profit) - Geert Strobbe (Chairperson)

Cheryl Thomas - Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Geert Strobbe has provided information on the foundation on Boavista.
The information on their website is available in two languages, Belgian and English.


In 2008, Geert Strobbe, founder and driving force behind Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Boa Vista O Mundo Foundation, went with his family on holiday to the island of Boa Vista, Cape Verde. They were impressed by the heavenly beaches and the nice, friendly inhabitants of the island, but were evenly shocked by the apalling living conditions of the residents of the Baraccas (slums) near the capital of Sal Rei. They decided to help Chico & Eva and their four children to get them out of this vicious circle of a Baracca life. But, in the Baraccas more than 300 families live in the same dreadful conditions. So ... helping the (Chico) family would only be a drop in the ocean? Not for Geert's students of the Lessius Hogeschool Mechelen. When they heard about their teacher's experience, they swung into action: sponsors were asked to contribute, events were organized to bring in money. A group of students went on the spot to run a reportage as their terminal project and to roll up their sleeves. Gradually / in the end a fully fledged and broadly based non profit organisation was established. Since all initiatives are being developed by students - supported by lecturer Geert Strobbe - education and training projects are nearest to their hearts. Education and training must help the Barraca residents, children and adults, to fulfil their protential and develop the essential skills (needed) to overcome social and economic inequalities.

For more information please visit the O Mundo Foundation website.

O MUNDO FOUNDATION - Geert Strobbe.  More

Trip to Boavista from Sal 4-6th Oct 2010

Cheryl Thomas - Sunday, November 07, 2010

Boavista   4th – 6th October 2010  More


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