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Tales from Sao Vicente - Cape Verde

Some tales from the island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.

We bought an LCD TV - Cape Verde style ........ by Karen Madej

Cheryl Thomas - Sunday, September 26, 2010
Six weeks is a long time without a TV set, especially when, if you're anything like me you enjoy your daily fix of as many American TV series I can fit in to my schedule. But finally, we have the cash, (there are extremely limited credit facilities in Mindelo) we have chosen the shop to buy our Samsung 32 inch LCD TV, this is based on a twelve month warranty (other shops only offered six months), the right price, they had a bracket to fix it to the wall with and they provided the assistants to fix it to the wall!  More

Mindelo Fish Market - by Karen Madej

Cheryl Thomas - Wednesday, September 08, 2010
My friend and I found the fish market, located on the Avenida Marginal (the main coast road), we'd walked past the new marina Ponto D'Agua and the new Banco Interatlantico Africano (BAI) on our right hand side until the pavement stopped so we crossed the busy road to the other side where we found a long parade of a variety of shops; a supermarket on the corner, a Chinese Loja, Khym Negoce Decorami, a Cafeteria, tiny little shops not much bigger than a cupboard, selling amongst other things; dried beans from sacks; vegetables, toiletries.


Mindelo Municipal Market - by Karen Madej

Cheryl Thomas - Wednesday, August 25, 2010
The Municipal Market is found on the right hand side of Rua Lisboa just over half way up, past the Lisboa bar, by the way, this bar has no toilets, OK during the day when patrons may use the public conveniences located to the right of the Municipal Market entrance, not so pleasant when one's only option at night is the side street, also frequented by the ladies of the night and their “customers”. I went to Bar Lisboa late one night with friends but stopped drinking when I was told where I would have pee! I digress, back to the Market!


A bus ride in Mindelo - by Karen Madej

Cheryl Thomas - Wednesday, August 11, 2010
I jumped on a number 4 bus yesterday afternoon, before it arrived the scene was very much as one would expect in the UK, a number 10, a number 3 and two private company owned number 5s came and went.  I waited for the right bus with the extremely talented Chef from the Irish Bar (I may be slightly biased here as I am responsible, with my husband for making a success of the Irish Bar), her husband is a bus driver for the Camara rather than the private company called Amizade, so we had to wait for a number 5 that wasn't an Amizade or as it turns out, a number 4 would do, so the Chef and her daughter could use their company bus passes.  More


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