The Yellow business listing Cape Verde provides some useful websites in which you can find more information about the business and service providers in Cape Verde.

Yellow business websites in Cape Verde

The multimedia websites such as CVTelecom, CVMovel, CVMultimedia, Unitel Tmais, will provide information on telephone and internet services in Cape Verde. They also sell devices such as mifi’s, phones and tablets.

The Cape Verde Post Office ( Correios ) website provides information on Postal Services. Firstly for mail; Mail Normal, Mail Blue, Express Mail – EMS, Courier – Delivery on Time and Mala M. Secondly, a Money Transfer Service; Money Gram, Money Exchange, IFS and Electronic Values. Find out more by reading their terms and conditions for Distribution Rules, Transportation of Objects and Performance Objectives.

Sal Island

We have information on Hospitals and Health Centres, Pharmacies, Clinics and Laboratories. Additionally, Civil Protection, Fire and Red Cross, National Police, Meteorology, City Hall Services and other Useful Links and Contacts. There is further information available on Yellow Business – Sal Island.

Boa Vista

Boa Vista is an island in the Barlavento group of Cape Verde. Of all 10 islands in the archipelago, it is the most easterly, only 455 km from the African coast. Information about Boa Vista can be found in relation to Aristides Pereira International Airport (AIAP), Porto de Sal Rei, and Agua and Energia. In addition to these here are Useful telephone numbers and further information about the island of Boa Vista.

DISCLAIMER: The above list for the Cape Verde islands has been built up since 2009. If details have changed we can’t provide correctional updates. If you have queries please search online for the contact via the service provider on their website.

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