Here are a number of resources, links and literature that you may find useful. You will need to contact each source to make separate inquiries for updates.

Useful language resource

Portuguese is the recognised official language of Cape Verde, both written and verbally. The Portuguese language is the main language taught in schools in Cape Verde. The local language is Creole, but the dialect differs on each island. It’s advantageous if you speak Portuguese, however, those that speak Italian, Spanish or some French may be understood. It’s easier to communicate with locals in those languages, as its often taught in schools. A number of schools have now started to teach English.

Useful resources links and literature
Useful resource for Creole – English – Portuguese languages

Resources available for translations

Contacting people to make inquiries in Cape Verde is best done verbally or in writing in Portuguese. Realistically speaking, staff may only speak Portuguese.

There are officially recognised translators on the islands, some may be listed on Government websites. Translation services may also be available via the Cape Verde Embassy.

Official translators on the islands, may be able process documents at the Notory on your behalf. However, if you prefer to use a Lawyer (Advogado), a list of Advogados for Cape Verde can be found on:

Newsletters from Expats Cape Verde

Newsletter subscribers will be the first to receive news from Expats Cape Verde. Although we are currently unable to produce regular newsletters we will circulate some news from time to time. The first issue was in 2009 and they had previously included useful resources, literature and links.

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Project Biodiversity works constantly to help protect the environment and turtles on Sal Island. About ‘Project Biodiversity’ on Sal Island.

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Portuguese is a good language to learn, you can find out more About Learning Portuguese using Babbel