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The Expats Cape Verde website was launched in June 09. It’s a sister site to the popular ‘Cape Verde Tips‘ website, which was launched 3 years earlier. 

The introduction of the Expats Cape Verde website was aimed at providing more information relevant to expats and those looking to move or set up a business in Cape Verde. However, there were a number of problems with providing that information.  

All official documents in Cape Verde are written in Portuguese, with very few being available and translated into other languages, though this may change in the future! Using an online translation service such as ‘Google Translate’ may be helpful, but it may result in some Portuguese sentences NOT being translated accurately or clearly enough for you to understand the correct meaning. It may become ‘lost in translation’. Paying for different documents to be officially translated can work out to be expensive.

There are a few websites on which you may be able to find some information translated to English from Portuguese.

As from December 2019 the Expats Cape Verde website will be under re-construction and will be responsive and viewable on all devices.

Based on the island of Sal, the information on Expats Cape Verde is in the main, obtained from sources on Sal Island. Information is also obtained online or from sources on other islands.

There are more British nationals and Europeans visiting the island of Sal or investing here. Direct flights are available from the UK to and from the islands of Sal and Boavista.

The Expats Cape Verde website has in the past, been a source to provide information about the British Embassy and Ambassador visits to Cape Verde. We have information that British Nationals, expats, investors and tourists may find useful.

We aim to continue to provide some useful information in English where possible and, contacts for people and businesses here in Cape Verde.

Some of the information we’d had on our pages over the last 10+ years will be archived, but available for reference. The Expats Cape Verde website is not funded, but we are currently in the process of looking at ways to monetize the site to help support the running costs.  

The newsletter is no longer being produced on a regular basis however, something maybe circulated in the future.

Thank you for visiting us.