‘Mum’ as she was called, was a street dog that lived in and around Santa Maria, but she was taken in by a British Expat living on Sal.

Please note, visitors to Sal wanting to help or adopt a cat or dog should contact Ospa Cats and Dogs – Sal (Facebook).

The following information was provided by Trevor (May 2017)

I have attached two documents related to the process of taking a dog back to the UK.

Rabies Form Rabies Form (215 KB)

Rabies approved laboritories Rabies approved laboritories (9 KB)

The dog needs to be micro chipped. Fatima the Vet in Santa Maria can do this but I’m not sure of the cost, as ‘Mum’, an ex-street dog, that has been with me for years, amazingly already had one.

The dog has to have a rabies vaccination (Euro 20.00 or so if I remember correctly) then thirty days later a blood sample needs to be sent to the UK to be tested (£45.00 or so – details in the attached documents).

The dog has to be transported in an airline authorised container/crate. I was going to have one sent over from the UK as I couldn’t find one here.

Thomsons and Thomas Cook will not fly animals back to the UK although apparently, Thomsons will fly them here ?

One route I found was with Lux Air into Luxemburg. From there I was going to drive back to the UK. Unfortunately Mum didn’t get to travel after all, she sadly passed away before the trip..

Fatima can be contacted by Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sahal-Saude-Qualidade-192774854189013/

You can also ‘Ospa Cape Verde Cats and Dogs’ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ospacapeverdecatsanddogs/

Animal Associations on other islands:

Sao Vicente : SI MA BO