The other thing is, it’s sometimes more economical to eat out, as long as you know where to go to eat cheaply instead of paying higher prices. Spending 25 euros on one restaurant meal may be worth it on some occasions, but then you could eat out 5 times a week for the same amount or less!

There are a number of eating places that sell snacks or meals at a reasonable price in Santa Maria, I have listed 5 of those places where you can eat cheaply, for less than 5 euros (however there are others). Generally speaking, 5 euros is equal to 550cve, but in most places you won’t receive 50cve in change if you pay with 5 euros. The list is not in any particular order, they were the first 5 that I thought of and wrote down on my word doc!

Shwarma  Bar : Situated on Rua Amilcar Cabral (opens in evenings)

Meat shwarma, with piri piri or without (piri piri is a very hot sauce). Cost 250 cve or 2.5 euros. You can eat in or take it away. You can order and pay for chips to go with it, but I find the shwarma is enough.

The Hideaway : Situated on Rua Amilcar Cabral, Santa Maria (open breakfast, lunch and evening, serves food all day)

Ripped pork in a roll for 375cve (under 4 euros). Popcorn chicken, chips and coleslaw is 500cve, nachos is 500cve,  burgers start at 300cve and go up as you add more toppings or chips and coleslaw.

Bar Di Nos: Situated on the road the other side of the sports facility (sports facility is on Rua Amilcar Cabral) Bar Di Nos only opens in evenings.

Two pieces of chicken, rice, chips and a bit of salad……. and if you ask, you can get some onions which are par boiled in a tomatoey sauce served seperately in a bowl that they will bring with with your meal, for 350cve + 50cve for the onions.

Sal Beach Club : Situated on the beach near the pier (pontao) in Santa Maria

A choice of meals for 5eurose which include, lasagna and chips, chilli, spaghetti bolognese. A tapas plate for 500cve. Hamburgers and chips and more.

D’Angela’s: Situated along the beach between the pontao and Hotel Odjo D’Agua in Santa Maria. 

Self service lunch times or you can order off the lunchtime menu. The self service is dependent on the weight of the items on your plate and you will be charged accordingly. Some people use the takeaway containers if they like a particular serving i.e. beef in gravy and take that home to put in fridge, others will take pasta or vegetables, it depends what has been prepared for that day. Remember potatoes weigh heavier than some food items, and weight is what you pay for

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Happy holidays!