Sal Island yellow business listing, for those looking for contact information and useful information.

Sal Island Yellow Business Listing

We have information on Hospitals and Health Centres, Pharmacies, Clinics and Laboratories. In addition to these there is; Civil Protection, Fire and Red Cross, National Police, Meteorology, City Hall Services and other Useful Links and Contacts. Further information is available on Yellow Business – Sal Island.

Santa Maria – Sal Island

Santa Maria is situated on the south coast of the island of Sal and is the main tourist area. Espargos is inland and up in the north of the island, it’s the main town and business center.

Amilcar Cabral International Airport is situated on the outskirts of Espargos and only a 15-20 minute car journey into Santa Maria. There is a taxi rank outside arrivals that can take you to Santa Maria, the cost is around 12-15 Euros. However, it depends on whether it’s day or night travel, number of passengers and, the taxi driver.

Entry Visa

When you enter Cape Verde at one of the international airports on 4 of the 9 inhabited islands, tourists will need a 30 day visa. Europeans and some other nationalities can pre-organise their visa online, or pay it on entry on arrival. However, it is best to check with the Cape Verde Embassy before you travel, you don’t want to be refused entry!

Circumstances for various countries and different nationals can change, as may the conditions of entry. An example of this was when the entry visa was no longer required for Europeans and some other nationals from 2nd January 2019. Instead of an entry visa fee of 25 Euros, the Cape Verde Government introduced an Airport tax at 31 Euros. When the covid-19 virus started to spread, the Government of Cape Verde re-introduced the entry visa fee for Europeans etc. It’s likely that the situation with entry visa’s and airport tax will keep changing in the future.

Cape Verde Embassy in Brussels

The Cape Verde Embassy in Brussels should be one of the main contacts for enquiries about an entry visa. The Cape Verde Embassy can help with other travel queries.

Extending your Visa on Sal Island

The main National Police Station, Finance Office, Judiciary Police and other legal offices including the Court are all based in Espargos. To request information about visa’s you’ll need to go Espargos and the National Police Station (NPS). Following this, it’s possible to process some documentation for your visa application in Santa Maria, others in Espargos. However, this does not take into account any documents you are required to provide from your country of residence.

Boa Vista

Boa Vista is an island in the Barlavento group of Cape Verde. Of all 10 islands in the archipelago, it is the most easterly, only 455 km from the African coast. Information about Boa Vista can be found in relation to Aristides Pereira International Airport (AIAP), Porto de Sal Rei, and Agua and Energia. In addition to these here are Useful telephone numbers and further information about the island of Boa Vista.

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