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20. PWA Awards Ceremony for World Wave Champion 2010 and the final day of the Windsurf Festival Photos and Youtube movie below. If you can't find your photo - many more photos and videos can be found within the Picasa Photo Gallery.

YouTube 1:  
YouTube 2:
Cape Verde Tips - Picasa Photo GalleryPWA Final Day - Festival and Awards

19. Festival - Day 3 - Sunday early evening 21st Nov. 2010.

18. PWA Windsurf Festival - Day 2 - 20th Nov.2010. Praia Antonio Sousa Beach. More photos of Day 1 (19th Nov) can be found on Facebook :  Cape Verde Tips

17. Photos by Ariel Sousa - taken up at Curral Joul where the windsurfers have been looking for wind and waves - PWA Nov. 2010:

16. Welcome to Surfers and Sponsors to Sal, Cape Verde - Hotel Odjo do Agua 15th November 2010.  We are are looking forward to a good final, may the best man win.

15. Breakfast for some - Pre PWA Comp - 13th November 2010
Beach in front of Josh Angulo CentreClaudia relaxingPhoto 1P2P3P4

YouTube:   A.

 14. Preparing for World Windsurf Championships - Praia Antonio Sousa - Sal Island 11th Nov 2010
Praia Antonio Sousa - Josh Angulo's - 7a.m. on 11th Nov 2010Josh Angulo Centrelets get going guysFriendslocal supportersPaddle boarding into sunset
Waiting for a good waveWindsurf and surfers await wavesHere to to prepare and watch the competitionMore time to practice aheadBack to Josh Angulo's Centre for a meal, internet and relaxationChill out time

YouTube :   A.   AND B.      C.

 13. Horse Racing - Santa Maria, photos by Linda Aspden
HR 10HR 2HR 3HR 4HR 5HR 6
HR 7HR 8
12. Wedding in Boavista -
Jane and Ivan's wedding - Boavista Island, Cape Verde

 11. Fish Market - Mindelo
This photo gallery has no pictures.
 10. New Club opens in Santa Maria, June 2010
Band performs on stageDownstairs BarGround floor and upper levelKitchenOpen seated areaClub1 - at entrance to Santa Maria
Upstairs BarGround floor - dance floor, tables for mealsPool table - 1st floorUpstairs - seating and distillery

 9. Graffiti removal day in Santa Maria, organised by the Camara Municipal 29th May 2010. SOS Tartarugas helpers.
GraffitiGraffiti removering with Linda and JacquieLick of paintKyle keeps workingLinda does her bitLiquid break
Neil and Peter

 8. Visit to Senegal - Bev Chadwick
Embassy AreaHairdresser's in SalyHotel in La Medina, Saly
Lunch in beach cafe, SalyMuseum of African ArtMuseum of Slavery on GoreeSchool trip on Goree IslandThe cheap lunchtime eating place in DakarThe hotel garden in Builders
 7. Jennifer's arrival on Sal pre- her Atlantic Swim, January 2009.
An Expat comes to wish Jennifer good luckExpats and visitors who came to meet JenniferPonta Preta, Jerome an Expat and Kitesurfer talking to JenniferJennifer is awarded with a certificate as owner of turtle egg named given the name of Atlantic which was to hatch in October 2009Jennifer tells a few Expats and visitors about some of the things that needed to be considered before her atlantic swim i.e. the making of a shark cageJennifer with an Expats best friend
Jennifer and myselfThe Atlantic, and a lot of water between Ponta Preta, Cape Verde and the US
 6. Jennifer Figge's Training Preparation : Santa Maria April 2008
At her hotel in Santa Maria - 2008Jennifer returning from her jog along the beach - 2008At a point of  interest outside her hotel-2008near the Pontao in Santa Maria - 2008Jennifer enoyed the run, but now time for a dip in the Atlantic - 2008
preparing for her training swim, before heading off (by plane) to Sao Vicente - 2008Santa Maria - 2008the sea was beautiful, aren't I the lucky oneA lot of water ahead of me, but what a lovely place to start from!
 5. First 5 photos of the Gervais' Beaked Whales seen off Sal Island in February 2010.
    And, Carnival photos taken in Santa Maria, Sal Island Feb.2010.........Photos by Linda Aspden.

 4. 24 Photos by Linda Aspden:

Kite Surfers - Shark Bay- East Coats- Santa MariaPilot Whales close to catamaranFlour supply arrives at bakery in Santa Maria
Pilot Whales off coast of Santa Maria
 3. 25th July 09: Tito Paris, Musicians, Artists and a Philharmonic Orchestra in a crater on Sal Island.
Photos provided by Corinna Gewers and Mark Price:

 2. Vets fly in to Sal to carry out assessments and operate on dogs and cats - 11th-17h Aug 09:

Frontline treatment session - Espargos - July 09Queue for frontline treatment - Espargos-July 09Gemma and Jackie discussing patients of the daycleaning up Missie cos she can't  clean herself yetMissie is on strong tablets, we hope she survivesOne of the dogs after castration
Elizabeth & Maria researching more tabletsKitten being assessed after recent dog attackWe hope she does not have spine damageTaking Henry home after operationHenry recovering, after operationNot sure what yet - either traumatised or more serious, no use of back legs
 1. Rainy times in Cape Verde:

Mindelo Aug 09Mindelo Aug 09Mindelo Aug 09Mindelo photos courtesy of Maria AlhinhoMindelo Aug 09Mindelo Aug 09
Mindelo Aug 09Mindelo Aug 09Mindelo Aug 09

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