Mitu is following this year the PKRA world tour still only in waveriding discipline. There are already 2 events completed…Morrocco (Essaouira) the first one, that he finished 2nd and the second one in Tenerife that he was 5th. So right now he is no.2 on the ranking. There is one more event in Australia (gold coast) in December but with the problem trying to get a visa for him (as the CV government has done nothing yet of what they promise him !!!) he is not sure that he can go there.

He is now in Italy to figure out of this purpose after a 3 weeks shooting/dealer new kite Bandit 4 collection presentation for F-one in Mauricius and will come back to CV end of this month.After winning the World Title for Waveriding in 2008, Mitu was promised a special visa. This special visa has not been provided, without it Mitu cannot attend the final event in Australia. He is unable to send his passport off as he needs it to travel. It is a very difficult situation which we need resolving!