Part 3 – Sunday

I decided I would walk down the road towards Tafira where there was a Spar, a few other shops, bars, a few restaurants, a garden centre and the Hotel Escuela.

The walk wasn’t the best idea in the world as there are typically no pavements and a lot of traffic on that road. TIP: I wouldn’t advise anyone to walk this road as you have some winding bends to crawl around and buses, cars and motor cyclists speeding around them, all not expecting stupid people to meander on the edge of the road. It took me a steady 15-20mins to reach my destination, which is still within St.Brigida.

After popping into the garden centre situated just past the hotel I decided I should get the next bus into Las Palmas and find out more about buses to El Mirador. When I arrived at the station I went back to the Information Desk and I was given the times for buses to a number of places including El Mirador, so off I went and sat down and waited, after 45mins no buses! Back to info desk, she hadn’t realised I was going there on a Sunday; she said there weren’t any buses to El Mirador (or to IKEA) on Sunday as they were closed. However she did tell me that there was one big store open at Las Canteras called Las Arenelas and I needed to catch the Yellow bus number 17 but this time stay on it to the end of the journey, so off I set thinking this was going to be a waste of time, but totally wrong, as I approached the terminal at the roundabout I could see how big it was through the trees.

When I first got off the bus I thought the centre was in an excellent location as the beach was right in front of the bus terminal and Las Arenas.

It was a hot afternoon with people in the sea, others walking up the promenade or enjoying the beach or bars.

When I walked into Las Arenas shopping centre it was packed with people, apparently it’s a similar centre to El Mirador with same shops:  C&A, Primark, Marks & Spencer and a wonderful El Corte Inglese Outlet on the top floor with some really good bargains. Once inside the first shop I saw was Primark…..whoever planned for it to be immediately on entry made the right choice as far as I was concerned, I made a beeline for it. Unfortunately this was not the best thing for me to do as I was then carting bags around with me as if I was a hoarder, I decided I had to go back to buy a suitcase with wheels, that was planned for this trip anyway, but in hindsight Primark should have been my last stop! At the rear of Las Arenas was Carrefour; however you could gain entry via the shopping centre.

Unlike CINESA all the shops in Las Arenas were open. I  had gone in there lunch time, not stopping to eat or drink anything, saying I will have a beer when I have finished, but it was now 6.30 and getting dark so I popped into Carrefour, ordered a sandwich and a drink at their bar café and that came to 2 euros.  I decided enough was enough for today. It was 7.15 when I came out and I still hadn’t seen all the shops, not that I was bothered having spent probably 2 or more hrs in Primark!

I was informed that most shops on Sundays were closed; but that a law had been passed for some to open to accommodate the winter tourist season and Las Arenas was open 10a.m. – 10p.m. At the moment, people are unsure as to whether a law will be passed to approve the opening of these centres’s on a Sunday during the summer.

I headed back to the bus terminal with my suitcase and soon after a bus arrived. There was space for prams and cases on the Yellow buses.  As I came past El Corte Inglese at 7.30p.m. that was still open too. The no.17 got me back to the Global Bus Station (GUA  GUA Estacion) and I managed to get straight on the 303, but I had to put the suitcase in the hold as you can’t take large items on their buses, there isn’t room for them inside. If I have time tomorrow I may go back to Las Arenas, otherwise it’s off to IKEA and Alcampo (Supermarket) for my last day….blisters and all!

I was glad to get back to where I was staying as it was late, walking down a steep road with my suitcase was a bit of a challenge, I am only used to walking on flat roads these days. My hosts Chantal and Baptiste had kept some of their delicious Indian meal that Baptiste had prepared, he is a great cook.

Last full day tomorrow, some packing to do tonight and hopefully these notes will help me remember what’s what. Looking forward to tomorrow. Read on: