I’m inviting people to share their experiences of Grijinha. Situated on the south east side of Santa Maria it has a lot to offer. Its normally open Thur – Sunday. I went down there with some friends on Saturday, it was unusually quiet I was told, but none the less a pleasant experience and talk of returning the next day as some wanted to try out some fishing there and enjoy one of their meals.

The followng day we walked over to Grijinha which is a 5-10min walk from the last building, depending on how fit you are. 

By the time I got there I was gagging for:
1. A dip in the lagoon and 
2. An ice cold beer.

After a quick dip in the lagoon I headed off  (withut a beer) around the little bay with my camera. I started taking photos of young local boys fishing off the rocks with hook, line and sinker, then the Expats had a go with their fancy fishing rods. I am glad I ordered a beefburger with chips, one of 3 main meals available from the BBQ area. If relying for a catch of a fish by friends there would have been a bit of a wait, but the luck wasn’t with our friends. Then along came Ned, he seemed to have some luck about him and as soon as his line headed towards the sea, he seemed to catch a fish, one friend reckoned he must have had the fish on the hook before casting!!! ……..oh hard cheese or what, ha ha, get over it  🙂

A number of locals had come down to use the lagoon and some to set up their own BBQ. There were some British, Irish, Italian, Potuguese expats and tourists all there.

I was told that the others caught their meals of fish which were cooked by the staff at Grijinha, but by this time I had left.

It was a lovely day and a good laugh. Always a warm welcome given by Karen and Duncan.


Fishing at Grijinha :