Full name: Albertino Mosso
Born: Dakar, Senegal.

Family backgroundMy parents are both Cape Verdean, my father from Santo Antao and my mother from Sao Vicente. My mother and father moved to Dakar, Senegal in 1958/60 and lived and worked there until 1968. My father was a Barber but later went to work as a Sailor for a German company.

Work background and Experience

I moved back to Cape Verde in 1986 and lived for a while in Sao Vicente then later Praia. While in Praia I started working on a project with Danish. Portuguese and Cape Verdean business people at a company called ‘Ceris’ in the role as Secretary, translator and with some responsibility for accounting. When the particular project I had finished I then moved over to the technical Department within ‘Ceris’, before finishing employment with them in 1989. The company ‘Ceris’ later became the company known to everyone as ‘Strella’.

In 1989 I was given a Scholarship in Austria to study Tourism Management and then in 1990 I was invited to join the Morabeza Group to work for CVTS (Tour Operators). I was based in Lisbon working part-time for CVTS at their European Offices between 1991-94. While in Lisbon I also studied Theology and Christian Education.

In 2002 I had a short stint with another company but decided to return to Morabeza Viagens and remained with them until 2007. In January 2008 I and my wife then opened our own Tour Operator business within Santa Maria.I have travelled to many countries including the UK. I am also registered at the Notory to perform translation services verbally and in writing.

Family in Santa Maria

I first met my wife Fernanda in May 1991 in Sao Vicente and we were married on Sal in 1998. We have three sons who are currently 13yrs, 12yrs and 10 yrs of age.


As I was born and raised in Senegal, my first language is French, my second language is German. I also speak Wolof (native dialect of Senegal), Creole, and Portuguese and of course English. I learnt Portuguese when I was living and working in Praia and I self taught the language. I have dual nationality for Portugal and Cape Verde.

My InterestsMy family, the Church and following the Christian ways. We attend Church most days but always on Sundays. I enjoy reading, swimming, meeting people and family gatherings. 

Position as Honorary ConsulI applied for the position of Honorary Consul with responsibility for Sal and Boavista because I have experience in helping people, addressing problems that arise, dealing with people and difficult situations. As someone who has worked in the Tourism business for many years I have on occasions found it necessary to help clients with issues relating to injuries, Police reports, visiting Police Stations to give assistance, visit people in Prison, or attended Court proceedings. Sometimes it has been necessary to go with clients to other islands for them to get treatment for injuries or medical conditions. I have helped with translations on many occasions. 

I am still waiting to get officially trained, but for now I am here to give assistance to British Nationals in an emergency. I am pleased to be serving Her Majesty the Queen, the British Embassy and helping British Nationals on Sal and Boavista.


Photo of Tino with the British Embassy Team in Dakar, Senegal:   LINK: BRITISH EMBASSY

YouTube: Video of introduction of Tino Mosso to British Nationals on Sal Island. LINK : British Ambassador