A survey was carried out in February 2012 to ask quetsions about the Expats Newsletter, advertising, charges and circulation periods.

Mixed feed back from survey. 

Comments : 

– Yes, charge for newsletter

– There were two options favoured if there was a charge

– No, don’t charge

– Get income from advertisements instead of charging subscibers

 – Newsletter should be Free

 – The newsletter should remain weekly

–  The newsletter should become fortnightly

–  Don’t have two newsletters with same info (weekly Expats Newsletter – then monthly Cape Verde Tips Newsletter.

March 2012 – Online Newsletter is cancelled. Circulation of newsletter now only to registered subscribers. Still considering options for Expats newsletter: weekly/ing/not charging etc..

June 2012 

Further consideration given to the points raised from survey feedback.

A new classifieds section is introduced, so that people can upload items for sale or wanted and info about one off events for Free, so that this info doesn’t need to be on newsletter. People can subscibe to topics… (please read terms and conditions).

Newsletter remains Free and weekly, but still considering whether to change to fortnightly or other options.

The newsletter will remain Free for forseeable future.

Colour changes made to all templates and webpages to free up more white space.

Menu list at side of page removed, new menu for Expats Pages placed along top of page, this freed up space to incorporate adverts on the templates and web pages, blogs, classifieds, forum, yellow pages and their sub templates etc.

New Ad-Rotator images designed and uploaded and positioned on right side of a minium of 180 pages (which includes sub-pages), 

A number of other adverts now moved across to left side of page.

Advertising information and prices updated.

July 2012

Re-structured Yellow Pages. Introdiuced a Yellow Pages – STANDARD section and a Yellow Pages – PLUS. This would provided services and business with either some free advertising (STANDARD) and also paid advertising (PLUS) through the provision of a mini-web-site for people who wanted to provide more information about their service or business.

Set up a new page for Yellow Pages – Boavista and re-named the old page which is now called Yellow Pages – Sal.

Set new criteria for Yellow Pages – PLUS. No other adverts will appear on the right of a web page promoting one business/service advertisement.

Updated Yellow Terms and Conditions and Advertising information.

Updated Sitemap on the website. Not all pages are listed due to fact that some are in a Secure Zone.

To Do:

Work on SEO and Google Sitemap.

Adverts positions uploaded to right of newsletter after newsletter template re-designed. Still need to decide what to do about period of issue for newsletter! 

If you wish to keep in touch with what is happening, then check out both these websites regularly.