I realised last week that it’s been 9yrs since I first set foot on Sal, I’d arrived at Sal International Airport around midnight on the TAP flight on the weekend of the summer festival. I was staying on Sal for two weeks. Myself and another lady who I had previously arranged to meet up with at Lisbon Airport were both staying at the same hotel (Sobrado), so after dropping off our luggage we headed out to find the party around 1.30a.m. and stayed out until 3.30a.m. then headed back for some sleep. A lot has changed since then, now the festival is more organised and there is a large stage and tent as well as other tents. You still have to be wary of the odd pick pocket.

There still seems to be a myth that I know everything, or should do. There are still plenty of things I don’t get to hear about or understand as sometimes activities are promoted on posters or documents and are written in Poruguese (if they are promoted at all). Sometimes events have taken place and I and others find out about them ‘after the event’.These are sometimes not included in the Expats Cape Verde newsletter. Yes I should understand Portuguese having lived here most of the 9yrs, but its not for the want of trying. There is also the fact that some information you are handed or come across doesn’t provide all the information you need, that often happens and it costs to get info translated translated, so I don’t provide this service.

I am requesting that people send me info in English about anything they think will be of interest to readers. If you have a camera, take a photo and send it to me with some info. I am not able to get out and about often as I am usually desk and laptop bound (called work). When I am out I usually have my camera with me….but I’m still one person with one camera, in one place and on one island, so any other info and jpeg pics are always welcome… and no, not just on Sal, but other islands too!

A big thank you to those that have contributed already….. you know who you are….. greatly appreciated!

What have I learned recently:

The Travel Foundation are on Sal, only found that out this week and they have been here for a while, just another one of those things that people assume I know or everyone knows. You can find out more about the important work they are doing by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

My new camera has a phone facility….didn’t know that (techno geek not).

The letter I was handed the other week (in Portuguese) which talked about an invite to expats (foreigners) to meet the President about the Lady of Sorrows Day on 15th Sept, didn’t say that expats living and working on Sal were invited to come along to raise concerns. I was told by one expat a few hours before the meeting was due to start that he had been told that we could go along and raise concerns, that’s why many European expats didn’t turn up, they were not aware of this.

Apparently Binter Canaries have  been doing some filming on the island, a number of expats are hoping that they will re-start their service of direct flights between Sal and Gran Canaria. They had offered a summer service this year from Sal which one couple used to take a holiday in Porto Rica. See their blog and other people’s comments (link at bottom of this blog). Flights still operate between Santiago and Gran Canaria but it requires an overnight stay in Praia.

Dunas Beach Resort has their pre-opening for invited guests over 25th/26th October. The resort is opening in November 2014.

I understand the Thomas Cook Resort Manager arrives on Sal in October 2014.

About Bats in Cape Verde – Wikipedia says (there are links to more info about bats within this text below):  
The only indigenous mammal found in the island is the grey long-eared bat (Plecotus austriacus).[9] Bat species on the islands account for about 20% of all mammals. Of particular note are those of the Vespertilionidae family: Savi’s Pipistrelle (Hypsugo savii) and Kuhl’s Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus kuhlii) in addition to the grey long-eared bat.  More under ‘Mammals’ within this link: WIKIPEDIA


Sal to Gran Canaria for holiday :


The Travel Foundation:


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