Liza (from Liverpool, England), affectionately know as ‘Scouseverdian Liza’, arrived last week and hit Sal Beach like a hurricane. She quickly had people interested in her story about her father. 
When Liza was a baby her father went back to sea and didn’t return. Liza has no memories of him and until a holiday in Cape Verde earlier this year, she had absolutely no interest in finding him. However, since her last visit she has thought more about him, where he is from and his family in Cape Verde.
On Sunday 21st Sept 2014 after a week on Sal, she left for the capital Praia on the island of Santiago. Liza had her mobile phone full of numbers of people who want to help her. We hope to follow her story ……. 
Liza has provided some info below:

My names Liza Ware. I was born 15/07/75 in Liverpool England to Mary Ware also from Liverpool, my father is Nicholas Dias, I believe he is from Santiago possibly the capital Praia. He would be approximately 69 or 70 and was born in the month of November. He was a merchant sailor on the Amoria Star, shipping timber back in the early to mid 1970s. There was a rumour that a ship he was working on went down in the late 1970s and some Cape Verdian men were lost.

He has a son called Paulo who would be about 50 /51ish. Nicholas has a sister who emigrated to Rotterdam (sorry don’t have any details). He has a half brother called Leno or Lino, again I don’t have any more info.

If my father is still alive I would like to meet him, if not, his family or people who knew him. I have  a photo taken of him with my mother, all those years ago: