Dear All,
This letter is firstly aimed towards those who have currently been supporting Centre Nos Kaza-UK and secondly, people who may not be aware of what we are trying to do to help some of the children in Santa Maria, Sal Island.

Centre Nos Kaza-UK
Issue:  September 2014
For those that don’t know who and what we are doing: We are Centre Nos Kaza-UK (CNK-UK) and we were formed in 2013 to support the fantastic work of Aldir Duarte and his assistant Katya with the less advantaged children of Santa Maria in Centro Nos Kaza, supported by Vanusa Santos at ICCA (Capeverdean Institute of Children and Adolescents). Nos Kaza (Our House) not only offers a good basic education but a place of safety for the children. CNK-UK funds the teaching staff and providing a meal to the children, morning and afternoon sessions during the school term. CNK is open during the holidays for support and some activities. 
Please read on, we need the minimum of seven new sponsors as the number of children has increased this term. Thank you,

Alyson & Petrina

First apologies for my lack of involvement for the last eight months, I am sure you will understand that the death of my husband unexpectedly rather rocked my world. Life is gradually becoming more settled and I now intend to live mainly in Sal once the final concerns in the UK are settled. An enormous thank you to Hazel who has kept everything going as unfortunately Petrina has been extremely unwell too so she rather got landed. Onwards; first of all thank you for sticking with us despite the lack of communication. This will improve from now on.
Last Monday I had a pre-term meeting with Vanusa (ICCA) and Aldir. ICCA and CNK-UK are going to draw up a formal agreement specifying what we will provide for the project. This will be drawn up and witnessed by Manuel Pina Lawyer who has oversight of all actions by CNK-UK. This will assist enormously in gaining our charity number and changing the bank account name to CNK-UK, both actions I will be pushing for over the next term. Once we have a charity number it will give us access to bigger firms, like my daughter’s IFDS, they have already given us £250 and would do more but can’t until we have the number.
It has been agreed that I will write a monthly Newsletter with the program of study for the following month. I will be able to comment on the children’s progress and special events.
Vanusa has asked that all Sponsors do a small profile of themselves for the children, you can live in hope that it will be reciprocated. More details in the first Newsletter which will also be printed and available from Galaxy furniture and TamTams to start with as well as emailed to you.
Thank you for all Sponsors who have paid for 2014-15. There are a number of people who still haven’t given their money. We are going to run out soon if folk don’t pay up or allow us to get more sponsors to replace them. Please contact me ASAP to let me know whether you intend to continue or not. I will be sending an email to all Sponsors as due to the new academic year some children have left and new ones arrived. The numbers seem to be creeping up, it now seems we have 65 children on the books. Please could you persuade friends and relatives to support us by sponsoring or donating.
We will be starting a fund raising drive on the VVOG Forum as we are going to be short on general funds as really I should have raised the fee a bit this year and we have to return the current table and chairs to their Owner, they were on loan. Aldir is getting me a quote for similar ones to to Tamtams. All furniture, made locally or imported is very expensive here.
A big thank you to Amy and Keiran, they own Tamtams, a very good bar in Santa Maria for anyone visiting Sal. In the last few months they have donated a fridge and will be delivering ham and cheese for the children on a weekly basis, which is fantastic. Amy is very actively trying to raise donations from tourists too. Thank you very much again.
As usual the main issue raised at the meeting was premises. We inhabit the Camara premises rent and utilities free which makes moving anywhere but to another government owned building is nigh on impossible. Vanusa is hitting a brick wall at the moment, she knows of somewhere suitable but the department concerned doesn’t want to release it. We have a meeting scheduled with Thomas Cook (they start direct flights from Gatwick and Manchester in November, next month and I have already said this would be the area we could do with the most help so fingers crossed.
CNK-UK are organising the Christmas party this year, Ken from Sal Beach Club has said we can use his premises, last year loss of premises at the last minute caused a lot of difficulty we are going to get everything fixed very early including Christmas presents. Our intention is a range of gender appropriate toys in age groups and each will be individually wrapped and labelled. We are going to need several miles of wrapping paper, please could anyone coming for a visit put a couple of rolls in their suitcase with a couple of packets of labels. More details once we’ve discussed this. Thinking IRO £10 per child. This means £650 worth of gifts that need to be bought and transported, something else I’m going to try and negotiate with Thomas Cook hopefully. My idea is a collection point in the UK and they come out in one big bundle. 
Please could I appeal again to anyone yet to pay their sponsorship to do so ASAP or let me know you no longer wish to be involved. We are very much in need of new Sponsors too so if you can help by telling people more about what we would appreciate your help.
Please find our payment details below. 
Thank you all,

VVOG CNK Sponsor/Donate Page for Credit Card/Paypal payment:
If you are visiting Sal or have a Euro/Cape Verde Escudo account the bank details are as follows:
Banco Espirito Santo Cabo Verde
Account Number: 113 12349 017 132
NIB: 0009 0113 12349017132 10
IBAN: CVE64 0009 0113 1234 9017 1321 0
1st Account Holder: Alyson Jane Willis
The account can’t be named CNK-UK until we are registered. The signatories on the the Account are Alyson Willis/Petrina Jones/Hazel Woodcock. Mr Manuel Pina (lawyer) supervised the setting up of the account and is registering CNK-UK as a charitable organisation in Cape Verde.
Centre Nos Kaza-UK
For those that wish to contact me, I can be reached at: