Bucari’s story

When first I came to Sal Island, Cape Verde, I had the idea that I would work and study in ‘information’. However I soon realized this wasn’t possible, so I decided to change my plans and work in construction and in hotel Kitchen.

I had also thought about working in something to do with the environment and doing something different, so I decided to get in touch with TURTLE SOS.

I worked over a 4yr period during the turtle season as  I realized I could help these wonderful creatures survive and help educate others (tourists and friends)  about the work that was being done to protect the turtles and why they needed protecting. I also loved the work and what I was doing.

It’s been an amazing journey and opportunity; I’ve had a fantastic experience. I love trying to protect nature and the environment and I’ve learnt so much.

By taking people out on informative turtle tours and participating in many more activities on the island I now had the experience, confidence and support from my work colleagues to start thinking about setting myself up as a tour guide. So together with my German partner we set up our own company “Just Enjoy”. The name reflects our love for the work we do and for nature.

In January 2016 we had submitted all our papers and were approved to run the company.

We also decided to support one of the non-profit organizations on Sal Island; we chose to support OSPA , the association that protects cats and dogs on Sal

We give 30 % of all income from the sale of souvenirs in from our office.Testimonial:
Bucari finalised his training in:
Tourist development…
Profile of tour guide. ..
Environmental issues. …..
Typology of birds (Habitat)…

After a month of training, we congratulate our friend and long time collaborator, Bucari Balde, on gaining a tour guide license. After working in the conservation…on of turtles for many years, you could not find a more knowledgeable person to take you to view nesting turtles. 
Today, Bucari provides island tours, village tours, and turtle tours. If you are interested in one of his tours you can contact Bucari as per details below.You can contact Bucari by phone 00238 9575845, email : justendjoysal@gmail.com ….. or his facebook page.