Well, it’s now been 10 months since the Expats Cape Verde website was launched. Time goes quickly when you are having fun, in that I mean learning how things work on the new management system I have access too with Eclipse Online Solutions. It’s a slow and big learning curve, but in comparison to the work I had been able to do within the back office and my knowledge on how certain things were done with previous webhosts, ’it’s one small step for mankind’ etc.

Yes, I am still struggling to take in what words like ‘trackbacks’ and a hundred other things mean that keep getting in the way of what someone is trying to explain to me for the tenth time, but hey ho, hopefully it will all sink in one day. But then I could say the same for other programmes, which are lying dormant somewhere in the depths of my laptop!

I was really pleased I managed to load some You Tube videos, then copy some codes and place them within a Blog about Jennifer Figge’s Atlantic Swim. I keep checking them as I am chuffed I managed to get them on there, still not sure whether I should have just put the link in to the You Tube video instead of the actual video, but to me they look good for now, hope most of you are able to play them as they are of videos of Jennifer making comments about her Atlantic swim attempt.

I have now transferred some of my Picasa Album photos of Jennifer Figge that I took last year and placed them in the Photo Gallery of this website. I have a large and varied range of photo albums which have a number of uses and they are lovely to look through, they include photos taken on other Cape Verde Islands. A large percentage of my photo albums can be found within the Cape Verde Tips website site Photo Gallery and a link to my Picasa Photo Albums.

As some will know, I am back in the UK and continuing to develop my websites from here. So I am relying on friends, contacts I have made and people I have met whilst in Cape Verde to help provide me with updates on things that are happening on day to day, or week to week activities. I am hoping that these sources will continue to provide me with the information I require, especially for the Expat Newsletter.

I am working on both websites making changes, learning new things and concentrating on making the websites self sufficient. One of the facilities being re-launched is the Properties section within the Cape Verde Tips website, this has been on hold for a few years, but now I am re-launching it to advertise individual properties for sale on Sal and other islands. It should be launched this month (April 2010)