How to get internet on your iPhone

If you are in CV on hols or a longer stay with your iPhone you may have wondered how you can check those essential emails or make a long distance Skype call and of course save money on local calls.

1. Go into any CVT (Cape Verde Telecom) shop and ask for a 3G micro SIM with internet
2. Swap your SIMS over
3. In Settings > General > Network > Mobile Data Network > APN add ‘internet-aac’

That’s it!

SIM 200cve (less than 2 euro)
Texts to other CVT phones 10cve
Texts to non CVT phones 17cve
International Skype to Skype calls are free & only use a bit of data. 10min chat is approx. 30cve
Skype text chatting (without sending files) is so negligible is as good as free 
Sending or receiving a basic email (no photos or attachments) is about 5cveOf course using one finger on your Phone is not as good as a laptop but it’s the next best thing.

Google translateBefore coming to Cape Verde why not download Google translate. I have tested this on the move and it works fine and uses only a negligible amount of data. Several short translations cost less than 10cve. And don’t forget it has built in voice recognition so you can converse back and forth even if you don’t know a word of Portuguese!

Hope this helps