These are the requirements for an animal to enter Europe. However people should always check from the country they are travelling to to make sure. For example Sweden requires more tests to be carried out on the animal than other countries.

The adoptions take a big amount of work and time from us so I’ve wanted to reduce them but I end up being not able to say no… We have a big problem with finding a place for a dog to stay at during the process that takes 4 months. Lately we have had to pay/ask the adopter to pay for a foster home.

The sterilization campaign is our priority and I need to work a lot on that now. So it would be great if people would make their own effort to make their own arrangements if they want to adopt and animal on Sal… Of course there are also people who for example live here and need to travel with their pet.

An animal always has to have a passanger to travel with it.

1. The dog needs to be vaccinated against rabies and get a microchip by the local vet (vaccine 22 euros, microchip 35 euros)

2. after a month, (better 5 weeks), we need to take a blood sample with the local vet (blood sample plus centrifugation, 10 euro)

3. We will find a tourist going to europe to help us, as the serum from the blood have to be taken, kept cold, to a european laboratory authorized to make rabies antibodies test (each EU country has 2 or 3 of this lab)

4. the test itself cost between 54 up to 75 euros ( depending on the country) plus 10 euros for cold-expedition (the sample has to travel in a refrigerated van)

5. if the dog passes the test (normally they pass the test) after 3 months from the date in which the blood sample was taken, the dog can fly to Europe. Preparing the dog to go is around 140/150 euros.

Then when the dog is ready, note: the cost will vary, we will need: 
1. a cage (IATA approved) for flight, you may see to buy one and send it here, or i will check to buy one here, the prices vary.
2. we find a tourist who wants to help that take the responsability to take the dog on the same flight as them,
3. make treatments ( flea and worms treatment) at the local vets ( it is the law, we can not do it by ourself) which is 16 euros 24 hours before the flight,
4. the dog has to be transported in the cage to the vets office at the airport before the flight to get all checked and issue the documents (3 euro, plus transport, pick up back and forth to the airport is around 25 euros) 
5. the day of departure we will take the cage plus the dog to the airport and assist the tourist with procedures to take the dog. (transport if not free 12 euros)

The price of the flight depends on the flight company, and needs to be checked with them.

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More info on our German Vet Clinic:  LINK-GERMAN-VET-CLINIC

Hanna Kurtto
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