Some Tips and advice about flying from the Canaries.

Binter start direct flights to Sal Island from the Canaries from June 17th 2014 for 3 months….is this a test run to see whether its worth them offering regular flights to Sal…… a number of Expats hope so!

A blog from a regular visitor to Sal who lives in the Canaries:

We are in the Canaries and you have the Binter news before us! The price including connecting flights to other Canary islands is 10€ or 20€ cheaper than direct, but this is for the last inter-island flight of the day before the Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) to Sal flight. Presumably to try and get you to also book a hotel. Worth paying the extra to go the next morning before the Sal flight. 

Also the Sal/Gran Canary leg arrives about midnight so not a lot of choice. Taxi (30€ minimum each way) to the nearest hotel, or kip in the airport. Next morning there is a connecting flight every hour or so to most islands. TACV please note! 

NOTE: Don’t cause confusion by saying flights to La Palma with Las Palmas, as La Palma is one of the Canarian islands and not to be confused with ‘Las Palmas’ which is the capital on Gran Canaria. 

As I said the capital of Gran Canary is Las Palmas town. The airport is half an hour south and has airport code LPA. That is the one for Sal (SID).  

Also if getting a taxi to the ‘aeropuerto’, emphasis the AERO bit or some inattentive dozy taxi driver will think you are off a cruise liner in the port in the other direction, and you will be late for your flight. It happens. 

Note: Binter leave to the minute like a bus service, so don’t treat it like it’s TACV!

Not sure how long the Binter direct flights will continue, it would be great for it to continue through the winter months…….. Expats shopping trips, holidays, in-direct flights onto other international destinations!

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