On the 1st of June, International Children’s day, an auction was organised in order to raise funds for the association Castelos do Sal. The atmosphere was one of union, bringing all nationalities together. It really felt like the community had come together. 

This was by far, the most successful auction, raising a total amount of 5,800 euros! topping our previous amount raised in last years auction by double the amount. 

For all of us working here at Castelos do Sal, this amount is just unbelievable and it is so touching to know that the whole community is supporting us! Thank you all so much!

To run an association here on Sal has proved to be challenging to say the least, especially with regards to the functioning costs. However thanks to the immense help and support of the community, we have successfully managed to keep our doors open. 
The money raised in this auction will go towards the general sustainability of Castelos do Sal which includes covering food costs which has proven to be our highest cost so far, and which consequently has impeded us from taking in more children, the salary and accommodation of our Portuguese teacher and finally the money will be invested in the general running costs of the association. Thanks to you all, we can now take one more step forward!

Firstly we would like to thank each and every one of you for coming down to Sal Beach Club on the evening of the 1st of June .The evening was so fun, yet intense! 

On behalf of Castelos do Sal, we would like to thank quite a lot of people who, without their help, the success of this event would never have happened.

1. The organisers of the event: Kim Lark, Adrian Shaw, Tracey Hall and Giada Borghi- You guys rock, thank you so much Kim, Adrian, Tracey for taking the initiative to YET AGAIN organise this fabulous event, your support has been overwhelming! I hope you guys know how appreciative we all are!
2. Giada- we officially welcome to you to our Fundraising Dream-Team! Thank you so much for your time and work you put in to organising this event.
3. Adrian (AGAIN!!) for being the best auctioneer ever!! We still think you have missed your calling! Seriously though, you have been amazing tonight, the atmosphere has been awesome thanks to you.You should be proud of yourself, we definitely are!
4. A special thank you to each and every one of you who donated items or services to this auction. Even the smallest act can prove to be such a huge help. You guys are helping to accentuate the importance of what is Corporate Social Responsibility in this country! We really hope others will follow your footsteps and that you will all continue to support us in the future! 
5. To all you fabulous people who bought the different items and services!! Be assured, you have donated to a great cause!
6. I want to also give a shout out to our UK based partners CapeVerdeKids2Care4. Sadly, Paula and David Dumble could not join us that evening but they have been an incredible support to us ever since we started
7. Christian and Pam for allowing us to use their premises once again! Thanks so much for your support guys!

We would also like to give a quick introduction about Castelos do Sal for those who do not know us, or know little about us.
In May 2011 a group of volunteers created the Association Castelos do Sal, a non-profit association whose main goal is meeting the basic needs of children and young people in the areas of education, health and nutrition.
Castelos do Sal has initiated several projects in the tourist town of Santa Maria namely, The fight against child begging which aims to reduce or eliminate the number of children living in the world of begging, Water for Everyone ( a project funded by one of our partners, CapeVerdeKids2Care4), which consisted of placing a water tank of 3000 litres in an extremely economic deprived community with a huge lack of access to basic conditions. We also offer a Volunteer Program, which gives anybody interested the opportunity to get involved in our work and help us to advance our mission and finally we have the project Reino da Brincadeira (also In Partnership with our UK basedpartners CapeVerdeKids2Care4 which focuses on addressing high risk behaviours of the children. If you would like more information about our projects and what we do please drop us a line at : castelosdosal@hotmail.com or stop by and visit us!

Once again.Thank you to you all for all your contributions,

Thank you for your presence,

Thank you for a great evening

And mostly, Thank you for believing in us!!


Companies and individuals that kindly donated for the auction and/or Raffle:

1. TUI Portugal
2. The Resort Group
3. Melia Tortuga Beach
4. Boa Vista Property Services LDA
5. Rhooms
6. Jetair
7. Barracuda Tours
8. The Irish Connection
9. Kiteboarding Club Sal
10. Vista Verde Tours
11. Riu Hotels and Resorts
12. Sal4Rent
13. CV Maintenance
14. Morabeza Hotel
15. Morabitur
16. CV Screens
17. Waikiki Spa
18. Leonardos
19. CV Landscape
20. Interdesign
21. CV Imports
22. Sal Beach Club
23. Tiktik