It’s been a funny sort of month, we have had some mixed weather with strong winds and cloudy skies and then also hot cloudless days that we are so used too. Some of the pictures taken and posted online via social media, the websites or newsletters don’t always capture the mood so more videos have been uploaded to YouTube and Facebook this year. A mixed bunch of videos, some taken at short notice.I think there have been more people on the streets in Santa Maria over the last few weeks of December. On Boxing Day most of the shops were open as normal but New Years Day most were closed and that included the restaurants, however some remained open or others opened in the evening. There were many people wandering around looking for a nice meal. A few people had tried different venues over the Christmas period, some were disappointed, and others said how nice it was. Those that were open tried to cope with the additional rush of hungry people all looking to be fed. Those that had no choice than to sit outside and have a drink or eat a meal tried to keep warm under the windy conditions.

Christmas Day was spent traditionally by some on the beach with a BBQ and others did their own thing with friends or family, at least the sun was out and people could sun bathe if they so wished.The local children were out and about New Years Eve and Day singing songs and wishing you all the best for 2012 then hoping to be given some coins or sweets.

Some people had come on holiday without a sweat top or something to keep them warm and have either had to borrow or buy additional clothing. Those that came out for the week, flying out on 26th or 27th may be returning from their holiday feeling they have been cheated by the weather, it’s unfortunate, but it does happen here or anywhere else in the world. Today is the 2nd January and although extremely windy earlier this morning the sun is now out and the winds have ceased making it more disappointing for those travelling back to the UK today as other holiday makers hit the beach or sun beds around the swimming pool. Youtube video, taken at 8.30a.m. showing some people with jackets or tracksuites, this afternoon it will be shorts and t-shirts.   LINK:  Party Ends