Our day started on the aluger to Espargos….. Gary, Yvonne, Peter, Linda, Sally, Mike, Dave and Yvonne. What a crew.

A lot of shopping was done by the ladies while the Gents just took it easy, had coffee at the new square and did a small bit of shopping for Secret Santa, with a limited budget of 2 euro’s each.

The ladies had just gone off shopping for the second time around Espargos visiting all the Chinese shops making sure no more bargains were missed ! So the lads decided we had to go and check out the new bar, as its always 12.00 somewhere in the world!!…. just in case we missed anything! And we had, it was open and willing to serve 4 thirsty lads with a hard earned drink.

Left to right : Mike, Dave, Gary, PeterNow on the girls’ third loop of the town we needed to start thinking about tying shoe laces on our flip flops to avoid being seen, but the sight of four pints on a table indicated the British were here!!

  Above photo of the Alavanalf girls!

The highlights of the day were when Mike, with his three and a half years of fluent Creole, decided to ask the waitress for a menu in Creole. The waitress immediately took off down the road for some reason, we stood there watching her and wondering where she was going, she came back 10mins later and placed a pack of playing cards on our table!

The second highlight was when Mike then ordered 4 sandwiches and the waitress came back with 4 pints!

Mike……..we think you need some Creole lessons.

The girls then returned from their shopping and joined us for a drink before heading off with prezzies, shopping and toilet rolls to Santa Maria. The lads decided to stay on and play some more cards, as you do!

After four hours playing cards we decided to leave, it was time for Mike to start shopping and also purchase a double gas ring hob! He does promise to get it working in January. We decided to head back to Santa Maria to meet the girls in Josh Angulo’s, we arrived slightly worse for wear as all that shopping had tired us lads out, as it would!A great day was had by all.

The next great adventure is on Friday 30th Dec 2011 where Dave, Gary and Peter will be walking along the west coast from Burracona to the base of Monte Leon to meet up with Mike to celebrate his birthday with a BBQ and an overnight camp. Mike will meet us there after stand up paddling from Palmeira. Now that sounds better than shopping, in Espargos. !!!

The end……the Boys’ version.Next update to follow.

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