Our Xmas shopping trip to Espargos – The Girls’ version……………. 4 girls’, two Yvonne’s a Linda and a Sally decided to have a girlie day out in Espargos to buy Secret Santa presents for Christmas Day as well as a bit of shopping. Our trip was arranged for the Wednesday before Christmas. However the Boys’ decided they would come too, but have their own ‘Boys’ day out .

Xmas tree made from plastic bottles.Photo – L.Aspden

We all met up and set off in an Aluger at 9a.m. from Santa Maria, the boys too…. David, Peter, Gary and Mike. When we arrived in Espargos we decided to have a coffee at Bom Dia then we left the boys and started our Secret Santa prezzie hunt in a number of Chinese shops. The rules were that we could not spend more than 200cve (2 Euros) on one gift, on presents to be handed out on the Xmas Day afternoon Drinks and BBQ social gathering on the beach. We all had previously secretly picked names out of a hat so we knew this time who we were buying a present for, so we could try and pick something that we knew that person would find amusing or would like.

Later that morning we were walking through the plaza when we spotted the boys and amazingly they were drinking coffee, that was a surprise! We, (the girls) went across the road into the Central Supermarket because a certain person wanted a particular pack of toilet rolls, but decided that as the pack was quite big not to buy them until it was time to head back to Santa Maria.

With most of the shopping done we headed back towards Bom Dia but this time we went down the side road to the new bar (previously where Medina Lawyers were situated). Yes the boys were there, trying to hide by lowering their heads behind the wall, stating afterwards that they were tying their shoe laces……even though they were wearing flip flops….. yeh right! Anyhow, we said they had invaded our space and we tried to get them to move on but they refused and carried on drinking beers. After a few beers the girls decided we would be responsible and head back to Santa Maria, collecting the toilet rolls before we left.

We went to find an Aluger, unfortunately this one had a mad driver, he spent the next half hour driving 2meters forward and 3 back and on three occasions nearly had accidents with another aluger, a taxi and some pedestrians, this was all before we left Espargos. The baby sat on its mother’s lap next to me decided that the large bag of toilet rolls was good enough to chew and dribble on, then eventually the driver of the aluger decided he had enough passengers to set off to Santa Maria.

It was around 2p.m. when we got back into Santa Maria and we were feeling peckish. We thought we would try out a side street cafe (between Americo’s and Cabocom), think the cafe is called Gnam Gnam. We ordered a drink and then wanted to order food, but the cook decided she didn’t want to cook anything for us and she walked off. We finished off our drinks and left, then we went into the bar/restaurant on the opposite corner to Americo’s which I think is called Metomena, we had a lovely meal and a few more drinks.We left there and decided to have a look in the new tattoo shop; just in case anyone wanted to buy a tattoo gift or something, anyway from there we headed home to drop off the shopping before agreeing to meet up at Josh’s for a drink at 4.30p.m. The boys arrived there at around 6p.m. (blotto) with Peter carrying a hamper given to him by some builders, Mike carrying a gas ring for a hob, don’t ask! The other two nothing, so they joined us for more drinks and something to eat. Set off home around 8p.m. in a very jovial mood. The next day, one person realised that they had lost their bum bag with 2 phones, 1 purse with cash in it and also a debit card, but thankfully it was found by the security guard, who discovered who the owner was and was able to present the full contents back to that person………..well done the Security Guard at Josh Angulo’s.

The end….The Girls’ version
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