Pay all your bills in one place with Pagali – by Philip (2014)

The new Pagali Payment system has recently been introduced in Cape Verde. Those that haven’t as yet set themselves up to use the new system may find the following information helpful. How to open a Pagali account, associated your first service & pay a bill:  

1. Go to:
2. Click on the British flag
3. Click on ‘Register’ under the login boxes
4. Choose ‘particulares’ for an individual (as apposed to ’empresas’ for a company
5. Fill in your details. (At the time of writing I couldn’t see an entry for GB in the country list so chose CV)
6. Press submit and you should get a message ‘Seu registo foi efectuado com sucesso. Bem-vindo ao Pagali!’ (Your registration was successful. Welcome to Pagali!)
7. Log into your dashboard
8. Along the top you will see the menu. ‘Transactions’ is where the transactions will appear when you have made them.
9. ‘Recharging’ is for your phone (T+ or CV Mobile).
10. ‘Services’ is all the companies they currently work with. (I was told in an email that the local tax departments will be added soon so that you can pay IUP)
11. ‘Consult Invoices’ is where your bills will appear when you have associated your Client ID with the entity you want to pay
12. To associate your ID first click on your profile. This is top right where it says ‘Welcome yourname’
13. On the drop down choose ‘View Profile’
14. Click on the ‘Associate to services’ tab
15. On the ‘Document type’ drop down choose ‘codigo cliente Electra’ (Electra client code) if you would like to associate the electric company to your Pagali account. The other services on the list correspond with the list on the ‘Available services’ tab. (I have to say I am a little unclear what they all are or why NIF is included as that isn’t a bill as far as I know)
16. Enter your Electra account number found on the top left of your bill where it says ‘Numero de Cliente’ (Customer Number)
17. Click on ‘Add’ you will get a popup saying ‘pretende continuar com esta accao’ (continue with this action) choose ok
18. To pay a bill click on the ‘Consult Invoices tab’ you will see the message ‘Veja os Serviços disponiveis no PAGALI, através do seu Perfil,e receba as suas Facturas Prontas a PAGAR aqui neste espaço’ (See the services available that are ready to pay)
19. Click on the drop down ‘Escolher Serviço’ (choose Service) and select the company you want to pay. If you have any bills ready to pay they should appear in the box.
20. That’s it you have opened your Pagali account and associated your first service & paid a bill. Give yourself a gold star :o)

Please note the website may change so these instructions are only good at the time of writing. If anyone wants to amend or add please do!

I have yet to get a bill to pay. Will keep you posted on that!!!!