The meeting at Josie Regan’s bar was really great, a lot of people attented it, the two ladies that organized this Vets project said a few words, then it was all a beautiful “mess” (remember I am italian so my english is not so good)…a beautiful mess with a lot of people talking and making friends….very nice. expats, italian, portughese, german, caboverdean….all together with a common interest….

So the meeting was really great, and at the moment we have booked over 30 dogs and few cats.

The booking are mostly by expats, but also some capoverdean start to book operations.

Many expats also help a lot, and still helping, on talking to caboverdeans to inform them and explain them all the benefits about this operations.

Great people like Jaquie Cozens and her husband Neal of SOS Tartarugas ,  italians like Dada, Romina….. thanks to them over 10 “local” dogs will be operated on. 

Other people as well are helping right now and talking with local people, so the booking’s numbers of capoverdeans owned animals  is increasing.

SOS tartarugas also will offer material for build some temporary separation and shadows.

Irish Laura offer the usage of a car for three days…

Many people offer somethings of great value: their time in support of the operations!

Thanks to Linda, to Janet and Julio, to Simona, Christina, Eileen, Rudy, Tom and Kerry,to Romina, and all the people that , for sure, in this moment I am forgetting… my memory is really bad…

The most thanks to Jaquie Costello of Sal Animal Rescue and to the two ladies that raise the funds, organize veterinary and travel…. Miss Monica and her friend-translator Susanne


Operations data:

DATES: 29th June to 2 July 2010

TIMES: From 9am to 12noon and 2pm to 6pm

PLACE: Leme Bedge (behind Snack Shack), Casa Attila

The vets can take young pups (4 months), bitch’s that are still feeding young pups, and pregnant animals…………..

I will update you….thanks!!!!!

Nicoletta and Nicky

28th June 2010 : Photo of vets, SAR at the end of one day’s work:

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