Non-Cape Verde nationals (foreigners) living in Cape Verde are, as of November 2014, being informed that they cannot re-apply for the 12 month residencia visa that many of us had previously. If you have already had a certain amount of those Residencia visa’s (4 or more of them) you can now only apply for Cape Verdean RESIDENCY.

The last person to apply (of English nationality) had completed the process and paperwork for re-applying for her 12 month (residencia) visa, and upon completion of the process was given a 6 month visa and was informed that application for Cape Verdean RESIDENCY is now obligatory.

TIP: It takes time to obtain all the necessary paperwork from different bodies, so start the process about 6 weeks before the expiry date. However, first you need to go to the main National Police Station and ask them for the list of documents you need for renewal, but take a copy of your current Residency Card with you to show them you want to renew it.

INPS is one of the offices you will need to visit or have set yourself up on their system to pay a monthly contributions for services, for which you may be entitled to reduced costs for dental treatment, medicines etc. You may be required to provide a statement from INPS to say you have paid contributions up to date. More info: