Liza’s story part 2

In September 2014 I came to Cape Verde to try to locate my father who I had not seen in 36 years. My journey took me to Sal and then onto Santiago.  Unfortunately I did not locate my father on that trip but a week later he made contact with my friend Xaya from Praia on the island of Santiago. 

We had several emotional telephone conversations and exchanges of photographs over the course of the month.  Finally I made the decision that I needed to come over to Cape Verde to meet him. We had arranged that we would meet on the island of Sao Vicente where he was staying with his family.

I got a last minute flight out to Sal in November, stayed there for a few days and caught up my friends in Santa Maria and, was fortunate enough to be there to celebrate Cheryl and Tracey’s birthday. 

When the time came to fly to Sao Vicente I was a nervous wreck, I wished I had taken John up on his offer of coming to the airport with me for support.

The poor man sitting next to me on the propeller plane must have thought I was terrified of flying. I was so emotional having not seen my dad for so long, I didn’t know what to expect. But all that nervous emotion was not necessary. He met me at the airport with his wife and my younger brother; there were tears of joy all around.

Not only have I got my dad in my life but I have 6 brothers, 2 sisters, many nieces & nephews and a massive extended paternal family.

The whole family welcomed me into their homes and their hearts. I could not have asked for a nicer family and I look forward to seeing them again in February.

So to all the wonderful people in Santa Maria you will be seeing a bit more of me. 😀

Photos: Me with my Dad: 

Liza x

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