Contrary to popular belief the season is not quite over! On Sunday we found two nests on Algodoeiro (one in front of Resort Group and one in front of Cotton Bay). Both nests were moved into the Surf Beach hatchery as we have encountered yet another problem in this area – dogs are digging up nests a few days before they are due to hatch – as human habitation grows so dogs follow. These two nests are expected to have a longer than usual incubation period and will probably not hatch until close to Christmas day. (Could make a great Christmas present).

This also means that it is still not a good idea to drive on beaches – we have already had one nest with many squished baby turtles – they were waiting just under the surface for night to fall when someone drove a quad over the top of them. 

The main hatchery still has many hatchlings being born which can be seen between 4pm-6pm almost every day (if you want to be advised which days send us your email address, you will be notified in the morning). Monday was particularly special as a nest started hatching at 5:45pm when many visitors were still there. Amongst them was the Finnish family who had adopted the nest – they were leaving the next day so they were delighted to be able to watch their baby turtles be born. Aurelia Talvela and her daughter (who was also celebrating her 18th birthday) counted the turtles as they came out of the nest and then, in front of a large group of guests, released the turtles into the sea.

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