At the beginning of January I was asked to consider the online system being provided by Eclipse Online Solutions for the Cape Verde Tips website. I knew I needed to do something to move me forward and I obviously wanted to make the right decision if I was to change web host. Eclipse made the suggestion that I should look online to see what else was available.

Not having any training in websites to speak of and then embarking on the Cape Verde Tips (CVTips) website in 2005, and initially not understanding the basics, getting confused by the jargon and terms used, together with a lack of foresight into how I wanted the website to function has been frustrating at times to say the least. This in turn has resulted in some lethargy on my part.

So, having taken some months to carry out this research I still kept coming back to Eclipse to check out their tutorials and watch the videos about the various modules/ functions they can provide. Their system is not just a website but an online business. Search engine optimisation being their strength.

I decided that Eclipse was the best choice from the mixed bunch I had looked at, from the system, functions to the price.

Eclipse also provide and build a website at a competetive rate (if you think you just need a website),  this wasn’t for me…..been there done that and now needed something better. Anyone looking to run their business through a website should take a look at their system, it costs more for hosting but it will be worth it in the long run. A free 30day trial of their system can be arranged too