Message from Steve Crum – 1st August 2011

The closure of the Turtle Shack has understandably created some questions and gossip on whether we intend to re-open, and whether Angela and I remain committed to living in, and working in Cape Verde. 

Firstly, we closed the Turtle Shack because Caz resigned, and we could not think of anyone that we would want to manage it for the period between now and when we commence the re-build. The delays in the re-build are wholly related to Planning permission, which we are told every month is just weeks away, but never seems to get the rubber stamp. It’s our firm view that the long term future of the Turtle Shack is only assured if we rebuild. The existing building and format is not of the quality and type we want to bring to Sal, so it is fair to say that the future (for TS) is wholly reliant on the granting of the planning permission. We have the majority, but not all of the funding in place for the rebuild, but until Planning approval is fully granted, we cannot complete our Investment proposals. 

Secondly, we have a long term commercial relationship with two development projects on Sal which will lead to further projects, so the job is only just beginning. The nature of this work demands that I spend more time in the UK, than on Sal, but as the Agent network for one of these Agencies becomes more established, this will change and we can revert to a more balanced mix of time in the UK and CV.

Much as we love Sal, we think it can be somewhat dull, and we think Sal needs a quality and lively venue which successfully manages to entice the Tourist out of the All Inclusives, to mix with Ex Pats, Locals and to once and for all dispel the ridiculous myth that Santa Maria is not a safe place to visit. Our plans, once / if approved will give Sal something it has never had, and probably never will. Not marginally better than the Turtle Shack, but a world class style and location Beach front Entertainment venue, with a capacity (not including the Beach) of over 500 people, in 5 star comfort, which attracts tourists of all nationalities out of their sterile Resort environments and into something unique.

Angela and I are committed to remaining on Sal, and the property related work that we do will keep us gainfully employed for many years. It’s our passionate wish that we get the Planning approval, and we can deliver our vision for the new Turtle Shack. So if it doesn’t happen, it won’t because we don’t want it to. We are now in the hands of Cape Verde Invest and the Câmara, so let’s see what transpires.

One last thing, those that know me and Angela will know that we always try and be open and honest with people, so if you want to know something feel free to email me and ask!! 

Steve & Angela