Well it was for me. Yesterday I joined a few others who like me, hoped to see some lemon sharks that come in close to rocky areas near the shore.

They already have organised trips to other parts of the island to see sharks and I am aware that there are a few shore fishing operatives, like Cape Verde Fishing Holidays here on Sal who take people to rocky areas around the island to shore fish, sometimes catching and landing lemon sharks. 

I used to be told, oh don’t worry; the sharks are around the other side of the island….yeh, right!

I am not familiar with the different types of shark, though I have obviously seen a few documentaries of great white sharks in oceans in other parts of the world.

Yesterday we arrived early evening and waited, then yes, there they were, fins clearly visible as they manoeuvred their way amongst the rocky area, quite exiting and fascinating. One local expert confirmed they were lemon sharks. We watched them until the sun began to set over to the west of Santa Maria.Will this stop me going in the waters of Santa Maria ………no!


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